How Long to Microwave Popcorn Without Burning it?

Popcorn is one of your favorite snacks. There are many options for popcorn. You can purchase prepackaged microwave popcorn or you can buy high-quality popcorn kernels and heat them up in the microwave. It is important to understand how to cook the popcorn without it burning. Also, how long it should be left to cool in the microwave. Continue reading to learn how to microwave popcorn safely without burning it.

How to Cook Popcorn in a Microwave

Popcorn can be cooked in the microwave quickly and easily. The only thing you will need is popcorn kernels and a brown paper bag. You can use the brown paper bag to pack lunches. It is inexpensive and simple to use. This method doesn't require oil. The microwave's ultraviolet rays will penetrate popcorn kernels and turn the moisture into steam. The steam expands and causes popcorn kernels to pop.
Popcorn oil is preferred by some people to avoid burning. They often put the popcorn kernels in oil before placing them in the bag to pop them. This can be messy but you will still get some of the flavors from the oil.

How long does it take to cook popcorn in the microwave?

You must ensure that the popcorn is cooked in the microwave at the correct temperature to avoid burning it. It is important to note that different microwaves will have different times. It also depends on how powerful the microwave is. It will usually take between two and four seconds.
You need to start with a test batch, and once you see how long it takes in your microwave, it will be the same for future batches of popcorn. Your microwave should be on for 4 minutes. Then, you can watch it pop in the microwave. When you notice the popping slow down to two seconds between pops, it is time to stop the microwave. Waiting too long can lead to a fiery mess.

How to Make Popcorn in a Microwave Without a Bag

It is possible to make popcorn in the microwave, even without using a brown paper bag. Instead, use a microwave-safe bowl and plate, and you can get some butter to put on top of your popcorn when it's ready to rumble!
Put as many popcorn kernels into the bowl as possible, and place the microwave-safe plates on top. You can also melt the butter on the plate.
As with the paper bag method, the time you need to pop it will vary. Set it for four minutes on the first attempt. Wait until it takes two seconds to pop. You can keep track of the time for future batches.

How long should pre-packaged microwave popcorn be cooked?

Microwave popcorn comes in premade packages for convenience. You should first check the expiry date on the packaging. They have a shelf life and must be used within the specified time. Before you start, be sure to clean your microwave.
Take off the plastic wrap and unwrap the popcorn bag. The directions will indicate which side of the bag should face up. Follow these instructions. The bag should be placed in the middle of your microwave. Next, start popping.
Manufacturers will provide a rough time for cooking popcorn. However, just like popcorn kernels in the microwave, set it to high for approximately four minutes. When you hear the popping, slow down to once every two seconds.
Once it's ready, it will be hot. Be careful to remove the bag and pull the corners to open it. The steam that emerges from it will also be scorching. It is important to dispose of the bag after you have finished with it.

Popcorn toppings

When you microwave popcorn, you have plenty of choices other than butter. While melted butter is delicious, you can also use sea salt and curry powder. Some people prefer to top their melted coconut oil with cheese. If you enjoy sweet flavors, you can use cinnamon sugar.
Start by popping your popcorn. Pop the popcorn kernels or microwave popcorn. Wait until it has popped before adding your toppings. Then, you can add the seasoning to the bag or into the bowl and enjoy it.

Tips to Prevent Microwave Popcorn From Burning

It is very easy to make popcorn. However, it is important to be attentive to the time it takes for your microwave to cook the perfect batch. Listen to the popcorn kernels pop. When the popping decreases to two seconds between pops, it is ready, and leaving it in can make it burn.
Another tip is to not follow the instructions on the bag. The manufacturer will tell you how much time popcorn should be kept in the microwave. However, microwaves are different and not all microwaves work the same. They can vary in wattage, and microwaves of the same wattage could have different cook times. The popping will tell you when the popcorn has finished.
Pay attention to any smells you detect. If you feel something burning, you know that the popcorn has burned. You shouldn't leave the popcorn in the room and go outside. You won't know when the popcorn is ready if it's not audible.
A microwave with a high wattage might need to be reduced to 80%. Some microwaves can be too hot and will heat up the popcorn faster than they should. To find the perfect power level and time for your microwave, experiment again.

Final Words

Once you try out a few test batches, you can follow the same process each time you microwave your popcorn. Enjoy!